Expats looking for a house

Ben je snel op zoek naar een huurder? Verhuur jouw woning dan aan een expat.  Expats zoeken dagelijks een geschikte woning op Zoekjehuisje.nl

Are you an expat moving to Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam or Hilversum? Please feel free to check your deam house on Zoekjehuisje.nl.

When you come to live and work in the Netherlands as an expat, it is important that you feel at home quickly. The Netherlands has many attractive places where you can live, but before this is a reality, it often goes before finding a suitable home. Perhaps you prefer to look for a home close to your work or in a city, where there is a lot to experience. Or in a village where you can relax.

On our website you can find rental and owner-occupied properties in different price ranges in different provinces, municipalities and districts. Sometimes finding a suitable home requires expertise. If you cannot find a suitable accommodation yourself, search our website for a professional expat broker who will guide you to a home that perfectly suits your situation. Expat brokers have a wide network and can therefore look for your new home with your specific wishes and needs. They can also provide you with information about potential homes, the neighborhood and the facilities in the area. Be well informed, because the laws and regulations in the Netherlands are different from the country where you come from.

Good luck finding a suitable home in the cozy Netherlands!